Monday, February 03, 2014

Fun Book for Girls

In the next few posts I'm going to highlight a book of mine that came out in 2012.

The book has 22 quizzes. They are:

Quiz 1: Are You for Real?

Quiz 2: How Honest are You?

Quiz 3: Are You a Good Test Taker?  

Quiz 4: How Much Do You Know About zzz’s?

Quiz 5: Are You a Mary or a Martha?

Quiz 6: How Are Your Manners?

Quiz 7: What Kind of Smart Are You?

Quiz 8: Are you a Healthy Eater?

Quiz 9: Are You a Follower or a Leader?

Quiz 10: How Much Do You Know About the Bible?

Quiz 11: What’s Your Learning Style?

Quiz 12: Are You Exercise Wise?

Quiz 13: What Does Your Room Reveal About You?

Quiz 14: How Do You Share Your Faith?

Quiz 15: Are You a Good Listener?

Quiz 16: Are You Crazy for Clothes?

Quiz 17: How Content Are You?

Quiz 18: Does Your Life Point to God?

Quiz 19: How Do You Handle Pressure?

Quiz 20: Which Activities Are Right for You?

Quiz 21: Are You a Good Sport?

Quiz 22: How Do You Serve God?

Each quiz has quiz questions for girls to answer, and an answer key that tells them how they did.

The quizzes each have a key Scripture and a God connection, so readers are not only having fun, they're learning how to apply the lessons to life.

There are also stories,  puzzles, activities, journaling questions, fun facts and crafts to go along with the quizzes.

This book can be done alone, but it's a lot more fun to do it with a friend or even in a group. It can be used:

At a slumber party
At a home school event
At a birthday party
As a small group Bible study
In a girl's church group
In a Sunday school class
In a Sunday night girl's class
By best friends
By sisters

When I got my copies, we did it as a family even though at the time I had both boys and girls from age 7-22!! Obviously it was a little easy for the older kids, but they still liked seeing how they scored.

It also makes a great gift for girls 8-12 (think birthday gift for nieces, Sunday school class or neighbor children, or as an adoption gift etc), especially if you provide the craft supplies to make the crafts. All the supplies are easy to find in Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. If you give it as a gift, you also might want to include fun colored markers for doing the quizzes and answering the follow up questions.

Check your local Christian bookstore for the book, and if they don't have it, ask them to order it. You can also get it online.

For the next post I'll try to include pictures of the kids helping me create the crafts for the book. 

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