Saturday, July 26, 2014

Penguin Cupcakes

 Last night we baked the cupcakes for our penguin cupcakes and made sure we had everything. We ended up getting Oreos for the wings.
Reading chapter two that talks about Miriam and Moses and penguins. Hmmm. What do they have in common?

Mixing the cupcake batter.

Everything ready for the cupcakes. Yeah, it's not a very healthy project but I guess you could substitute fruit and veggies for the candy, cookies and roll ups.
Half done penguin.
Lots of smiles and lots of teamwork again today as we worked on the project.
And almost no arguing.

The kids each made a pratice penguin and then one for our penguin family picture. This is the practice one.

Looks like we have upside down wings.

Even Rick got in on it. And he did a lot more than he wanted to! I said we needed to make one for Jessica and Adam who were working. Then someone said we needed one for Hunter. So since we were doing it for Hunter, we needed to do one for Ty and Jeff (who are both in KY) and then that left out Ashley, so we made one for her too. Then we added Mrs. Ginger, our children's minister who has played a big role in our kids' lives at church.
So here's our family. We are missing our extended families, but we ran out of cupcakes! (I think a few got eaten before we started the project)

Who will be in your penguin family?

Send a photo. Let's see how creative everyone can be. (Especially if you figure out how to make them healthy! :) )

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Does Your Face Belong Here?

These are the girls reading Just for Me: My Family this summer. Some brothers are reading it too, but didn't want to be included in the photos. That's okay. I'm sure they'll want to be included when their sisters start making the penguin cupcakes from chapter two.

Friends M & A, both 9

S. 6 years-old

Jasmine, 13
G. was adopted from the same orphanage as the twins.

Kayla, 9

Are you reading through the book with us? Does your face belong here? :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just for Me Bowling Game!!

 Today we did the indoor bowling game on page 19 of Just for Me: My Family.

Everyone worked together really well because they all wanted to play the game.

Stacking the cups.

Adding playdough to weigh them down.

All the cups with playdough in them.
Checking the directions and stacking the top cups.
Taping the cups to make the bowling pins.

Ready to bowl

I wasn't sure how they'd feel about this game since they've bowled for real, but all of them liked it, even Jasmine who is 13. And they got along!!! They just asked to play it again so round two is beginning.

Let me know if you try it. You can use plain cups to save money and have them decorate them. And use old playdough you're trying to get rid of instead of trying to sneak it out in the trash.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Atlanta Zoo

The Atlanta Zoo is really nice. Since we had city pass admission, the climbing walls, nets and carousel were included.

This is one of the few zoos to have pandas.

Some of the reptiles were very colorful.

We got look alike shirts. Blue is our favorite color!
We have been to zoos in Japan, England, St. Louis, Chicago, South Bend IN, Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Jacksonville FL, PCB FL, Orlando and several other places. Hard to pick my favorite. Each has something special about it.

What is your favorite zoo? 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day Out

Jasmine and I had a day out today so we didn't do the bowling game at the end of chapter one yet. We'll get to it Monday. I hope some of you will be doing it too.

Today we got Jasmine shoes for school at the Nike outlet.

 Then we went to the zoo even though it was rainy. It cleared while we were there.

See the feet sticking out of the pouch? Mama was trying to get  him to stay in the pouch. She kept pushing the feet back in.

Even birds have to get annual vaccines.

While we were in Atlanta, we went to the zoo there too. I'll post some of those next time. I'm  working off my laptop, and those photos are on my desktop computer.

We went to see Maleficent, and then Jessica joined us and we went to Dairy Queen. Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.