Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day Out

Jasmine and I had a day out today so we didn't do the bowling game at the end of chapter one yet. We'll get to it Monday. I hope some of you will be doing it too.

Today we got Jasmine shoes for school at the Nike outlet.

 Then we went to the zoo even though it was rainy. It cleared while we were there.

See the feet sticking out of the pouch? Mama was trying to get  him to stay in the pouch. She kept pushing the feet back in.

Even birds have to get annual vaccines.

While we were in Atlanta, we went to the zoo there too. I'll post some of those next time. I'm  working off my laptop, and those photos are on my desktop computer.

We went to see Maleficent, and then Jessica joined us and we went to Dairy Queen. Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.

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