Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Trees

We finally started Just for Me: My Family tonight. 

Kaleb doesn't seem to even notice the book is for girls, but he's like that at times. Things go right by him.

As long as he's having fun, who cares?

Jasmine's doing it with them although it's young for her.

We started making the family trees. Since all three are adopted, we talked about putting the birth parents' names on the roots (if they are known). I originally had that in the book, but it was edited out. If you're doing the book with adopted children, you can simply have them add roots to their tree.

They seemed a bit confused about how family trees work--who the parents are and who the grandparents are. One informed me she wasn't changing her last name to her husbands. Lots of interesting conversation came out of this project.

And I also made a discovery--most packs of construction paper don't have brown. We were using stock card, and I didn't have brown. It was already almost 9:00, but I decided to make a Dollar Tree/Walmart trip so asked them to work on their summer workbook and have Rick check it while I was gone. I told them they'd get to stay up late and have a snack, too. One failed to cooperate and was sent to bed. It took me longer to get the supplies than I planned because none of the construction paper packs had brown! So I bought a pack of brown card stock. Why they'd have a whole pack of just brown but none in the regular packs is a mystery. I also got some supplies I know we need for the upcoming projects along with wings for snack.

Here's Kayla's tree. She knows the names of both birthparents (although her mother died when the twins were babies) so has names on both roots.

Jasmine has just her birthmother's name on her roots.

Anyone else start the book or do this project yet? Share with us what kind of discussions you have about family trees if they aren't too personal.

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