Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Join Us

The three youngest are going to be reading through this book with me. We will be doing the activities and crafts too. The good thing is that although the book is for girls, the games, activities and crafts are for anyone. 

I was told that this book isn't selling AT ALL because parents don't find the topic of family interesting or relevant. Hmmm. As the mom of a step child, two birth children, one privately adopted child, one child adopted through foster care and three children adopted from Haiti, I find families very interesting. This book is just a general overview of why God created families, stories about Bible families, lessons from animal families and how families help each other, but it's also a spring board to a whole lot of discussions with your own children.

The cover says for ages 6-9 but I think that's a bit high. They took out the harder activities I had that would interest a 9-year-old. So I'd say about 5-7 or 8. But that depends on the child of course. With adopted children, this might all be new and necessary for a 9-year-old. 

I'm hoping some of you will join me in reading through this book with your children. It's definitely a together type book. Whether you have birth children who are always well behaved and "normal" (do those exist?), have foster children, adopted children, grandchildren living with you, children who make you want to run out the door screaming or you even teach a Sunday School class or girl's group, there will be something in the book that applies to those kids.

So consider getting a copy (or two or ten) of the book and reading through it with us. We are going to start on Monday. I'm hoping my book order is here by then. (No, I don't get them for free and I don't even have a copy of my book!) I'm thinking we'll read a little bit each day and try to complete two chapters a week. That means  I need to go through and make sure I have all the craft supplies on hand. They are all thing that are available at Walmart or Dollar Tree.

So, please join us for the fun.

And if you do, please send a photo of your child with the book, and I'll put it on the blog (without identifying them in any way of course). kathycassel(at) 

Girls that complete the family book will get a copy of this book from me when it releases in Sept/Oct.

If your children are older or boys, try reading through this book for practical help in surviving and thriving in school:

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