Saturday, July 26, 2014

Penguin Cupcakes

 Last night we baked the cupcakes for our penguin cupcakes and made sure we had everything. We ended up getting Oreos for the wings.
Reading chapter two that talks about Miriam and Moses and penguins. Hmmm. What do they have in common?

Mixing the cupcake batter.

Everything ready for the cupcakes. Yeah, it's not a very healthy project but I guess you could substitute fruit and veggies for the candy, cookies and roll ups.
Half done penguin.
Lots of smiles and lots of teamwork again today as we worked on the project.
And almost no arguing.

The kids each made a pratice penguin and then one for our penguin family picture. This is the practice one.

Looks like we have upside down wings.

Even Rick got in on it. And he did a lot more than he wanted to! I said we needed to make one for Jessica and Adam who were working. Then someone said we needed one for Hunter. So since we were doing it for Hunter, we needed to do one for Ty and Jeff (who are both in KY) and then that left out Ashley, so we made one for her too. Then we added Mrs. Ginger, our children's minister who has played a big role in our kids' lives at church.
So here's our family. We are missing our extended families, but we ran out of cupcakes! (I think a few got eaten before we started the project)

Who will be in your penguin family?

Send a photo. Let's see how creative everyone can be. (Especially if you figure out how to make them healthy! :) )

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