Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easter Pinata in the Making and Crafts

The kids put more newspaper strips on the pinata after school yesterday.

We need to add another layer.

Last post I showed Easter baskets with books in them. I wanted to show you some of the crafts and activites from two of the books. These pictures have been on the blog in the past, so they will look familiar if you've followed this blog or my family one.

Activties and crafts from Just for Me! My Family
Bowling game, My Family pages 19-20

Our original game from when I was creating crafts for the book.

Family Tree, My Family pages 16-17, for my adopted children, we added roots with their birth parents' names

Protect the Egg Game, My Family pages 33-34

Penguin cupcakes, My Family pgs 30-32

Tic Tac Toe Game, My Family pgs 50-51, we ended the games when all the candy had been eaten! You can substitute healthy playing pieces of course.

Indoor Tic Tac Toe, My Family, pages 49-50. The directions are for playing outside, but all the activities can be adapted to your own needs.

Flying Disc Game, My Family pages 66-67

Just for Me! My Family has ten chapters covering family living:
God Made Families
Part of the Family
My Family is Special
My Parents
My Siblings
My Extended Family
Working Together
Playing Together
Serving Together
Special Times

It's good for any family, but it is especially useful for adoptive families to start discussions about what a family is and what place the adopted child has in it. Available HERE

Crafts from The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible:
When we did the crafts for this book I still had a film camera so I don't have that many pictures of the crafts. But we redid some of them with the twins so I have those.
Shirt of Many Colors page 41
Story of Joseph

Friendship pins page 74
Story of David and Jonathan

Craft table at ICRS
Christmas Star Frame page132

Cross Necklace page 156-157

Jasmine made one for the childrens' pastor too!

There are many more crafts in the book, but I don't have pictures.

Check them out for yourself HERE