Thursday, March 05, 2015

Jelly Beans and Jesus

I know of some families who are offended by children getting candy at Easter. I've never quite understood that. Sure, if that's the only way they celebrated Easter, but otherwise, bring on the sugar!!

When Ty and Jessica were small, we went to an egg hunt at Walmart. The parents were allowed on the field with the toddler and it was an all out war! There was a coupon for a free bike in one of the eggs.

After that we decided to do our own at home. All eggs were put in a laundry basket and divided out evenly. So it became a group project.

When the kids got older, we made it more challenging by doing the egg hunt after dark with flashlights.
Not sure what Ty found, but it's not an Easter egg. They have come up with frogs, rocks and all sorts of things.

Now that we are down to only have three children at home, we are changing many of our traditions. For Easter this year we are making the pinata from Just for Me: My Family page 147. We'll be starting it soon.
Be sure to put a copy of this book in someone's Easter basket this year! Girls ages 4 or 5 to 8.
This was our test pinata when writing the book.

We try out every craft to make sure the directions work and that it's fun, not frustrating!

We even filled it with candy and broke it.


This was 2008, so she was 7

And of course we'll have plenty of jelly beans with Easter this year. Young children might enjoy the "Jelly Bean Prayer" below. No clue who wrote it, but I can't take credit.

Follow along on this blog as we make our Easter pinata.

What should I put in it?

How do you celebrate Easter?

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