Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New York City

 School ended for us on June 5. Jasmine graduated 8th grade, and we celebrated by going to New York City. We've been saving for this for over three years. It was an amazing trip. Here are some highlights.
Top of the Rock

Audio tour of the Statue of Liberty

On the pedestal

9/11 Memorial Pool

St Paul's Chapel where the fireman slept on cots near the towers

Cranes sent from Japan
American Museum of Natural History

Some of the things in the movie were really there and some weren't.

Dylan's Candy Bar which had tons of way overpriced candy!

Central Park

Yep, we did our devos there

We went to Sunday service at the church from National Treasure, Trinity, at the corner of Broadway and Wall. (We were late because I goofed and got on the downtown train instead of uptown. I knew which to take, just wasn't thinking).

We had devos in the grave yard!

Photo taken from the Staten Island Ferry

We went back to the museum

Love the mosaics in the subway
This guy is in two movies. Anyone know which two?

Nice of him to join us for our devos.

 We wanted to go to either Bronx Zoo or Central Park Zoo, but it was rainy on our last day. So we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was kind of a lot after going to the other museum twice.
We also went to the M&M store, Hershey store, Lego Store, Nintendo store, Disney Store and Toys R Us in Times Square during our time there. Times Square at night can be an, umm, interesting place.

Anyone else been to NYC?

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