Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Just for Me! My Family" Goes to the Zoo

Last fall we read through Just for Me! My Family. Each chapter features an animal family and tells something about the purpose of families.

I told the kids that after we finished the book, we'd go to the zoo and see the animals we read about. However, that didn't happen.

Until our Indiana trip.

As you may have seen on my family blog, we met up with another adoptive family on that trip too.

Between our two families I think we have 19 kids, although the older ones aren't here. Five of mine are on their own, but two of those came with us to IN. (Note, we are from FL and the other family is from SC, yet we met up in IN!) If you're new to my blog. the one in the front with the green shirt, Jessica, is mine, the boy next to Jessica--Kaleb-- and the two girls directly behind her--Jasmine and Kayla--are mine. You can see all eight of mine at cassel crew.

Feeding the goats.

Lions, pages 106-107

Jessica (she is eating popcorn for two!)

Reading the princess book to the turtle.


New friends. The kids are going to be pen pals with each other. Anthony and Kaleb too, although they seem to have snuck out of this picture.
We're actually reading through The One Year Book of  Bible Trivia for Kids for our daily devos, and we did those here.
And if you don't like the Just for Me book, it makes a great plate!

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