Thursday, July 16, 2015

My New York City Adventure

This is Jasmine's version of our New York trip.

My New York City Adventure

On June 4th I graduated from 8th grade. As a graduation present, my mom and I went to New York. We did many things including Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Natural History, Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On Thursday June 11, our trip began at the Panama City Beach airport and ended at Newark, NJ. After taking the air train, city train and subway to the hotel, my mom and I ventured out to see the city.

We ate at Subway in the Rockefeller Center. Then we went to Nintendo world where we saw different kinds of D.S.’s and Game Boys. We even saw a Game Boy that had been bombed in the Gulf war and still worked. Another place we went was the M&M store. It had three floors. The last thing we did that day was to go to the Top of the Rock observation deck. We rode in an elevator that takes you to the observation deck 850 feet up. Once there, we could see most of New York City. Everything was lit up, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

On Friday we went to the Statue of Liberty. In order to get there we took a boat called Miss Liberty. When we got to Liberty Island, I started yelling, “Mom, it’s really there, it’s not just in the movies!” We received audio headsets that told us the history of The Statue of Liberty. Next, we went inside the statue where we saw a sign that had “215” on it. My mom and I thought it was the number for the audio headset. We started climbing the stairs. After a while we heard a man say, “45 more steps guys.”

 “Mom,” I said, “that sign that had the 215 on it is how many steps there are up to the pedestal.” When we finally got up there I was astounded that you could see New York and New Jersey.

Later, we went to Time Square. We went to the Disney store which had two levels. On the upstairs level they had a large screen with sing a long songs. We also went to the Flagship Toys R Us Store. It has three levels and a large Ferris Wheel. It also has a large dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Then we walked around and saw some “interesting” people. I saw some things that I can never unsee.

On Saturday, we went to the Museum of Natural History. We started on the fourth floor, which had the dinosaurs. We saw different kinds of dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and other dinosaurs. We saw the Eastern Woodland Indian exhibit where I saw their musical instruments, and the types of houses and clothes they made. We saw many more things, but these were the two most interesting to me.

On Sunday, we took the subway to Trinity Church at the corner of Broadway and Wall. We were late to the service. Afterward we walked around the cemetery. Later we took the Staten Island Ferry. From the boat you see the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

On Tuesday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some of the exhibits that we saw were medieval armor and weapons. Another exhibit that we looked at was of musical instruments from around the world. We saw a whole bunch of other exhibits, but those were my two favorites.

On Monday we went back to the Museum of Natural History and to Times Square to see things we missed.

During this trip, my mom and I gave out several Christian books. There was a man selling used books, and I walked up to him with a  Bible, and I said, “Here is a book for you to read.” He took it and said, “I’m going to look up my favorite verse.” He was reading the Bible when I left.

On our last day, Wednesday, we had two books left to give away. One was “Lingering in the Presence of the Savior,” and it was a cool looking gift book. I don’t remember the other one, but it was a really nice book too. My mom walked up to two ladies said, “I need to give away these two books.” They looked at her really weird, but she said, “They are Christian books, and I want to give them to someone.” They took them and were reading then at the bus stop when our bus to the airport arrived.

We went to the Newark airport in New Jersey. When we got there they were already boarding for the flight that we had to get on. When we got to Atlanta, we had to get on our second flight quickly as well.

 I was sad our New York City adventure ended, and I hope to one day return. 


Rose Anne said...

Nice post about your trip ! my son Saul would really like to see the dino's.
Sounds like you had a really nice trip!

Carol McAdams Moore said...

Wow! You did lots while you were in New York City. I have never been there, but I have always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty. You climbed a lot of stairs! I love how you gave away Christian books while you were there. You never know the impact those will have on the people who got them!

Mrs. D. said...

Sounds like a great trip! I would love to see NYC with my girls some day. Thanks for sharing your story!

Emily said...

What special memory making with your mom! I know you'll never forget this trip.