Sunday, July 19, 2015

Princess Book on the Go part 2

If you didn't see the first post about the Princess Book on the Go, it's HERE.

It's gone several other places with us since then.

I did a book signing in Orlando for Logos store owners

And we talked about devo books with those same store owners.

Ty helped keep the books moving.

And since we were in Orlando...
The Princess Book went to Epcot

Even Minnie saw the Princess Book 

And after it was there, the book headed north to Indiana.
First stop on the that trip was a mall in Birmingham

Complete with a carousel ride
 Then to a mall in Indianapolis
 Where it was joined by Frozen scrabble
 Then the book went on some adventures at Grissom AFB near Kokomo, Indiana!

This is where we really did read our daily devo. We switched between the Princess book and the Trivia book on our trips this summer.
 Yes, the book was brave enough to go to the top of the tower! (I stopped where you see Jessica!)

The book went to...
The zoo

We found the princess book at a local bookstore sitting on the same shelf as some of my friends' books.

Then things got really interesting with the Princess Book!
We went to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. 

It had rained a lot, and of some of the trails were impassable. Water was shoulder deep.

Other trails were passable if you were a little bit crazy. 

Or  brave.

Ty is hoping the princess book has some good instructions for climbing up waterfalls and wading in creeks that didn't used to be there.

 Up the waterfall

The princess book is safely in the drawstring bag

Oops.Good thing the book was in the bag!
A last minute consultation of the princess book.

But we really wondered-- "Does the princess book float?" Thankfully, we didn't find out. This trail doesn't normally have a river. Usually no more than a trickle of water.

The book did not land in the water even once!
We dropped Ty in Kentucky, and headed home. So we completed four trips in the first half of our summer vacation.

So, just a question. Did any of you take one of my books on a vacation or somewhere interesting? If you did and you e-mail me a picture, I'll send you a copy of this book:


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