Friday, August 14, 2015

Kaleb's Turkey Run Adventure

My Turkey Run Adventure
Kaleb Cassel

This summer, Mom took us to Turkey Run State Park. Unlike our park, this had trails through canyons with magnificent walls on each side. Lush green foliage lined the paths.

Due to frequent rain, half the trails were impassable. Some were passable to those who are adventurous. That, of course, was us. We had to combine three trails in order to go where we wanted to go. This involved walking through a canyon bed with knee deep, muddy water.

Even though trail number 9 was flooded, we, the adventurous ones, did it. When we got in the flood, we all started to slip except mom and Jessica. When we were in the muddy water, Jasmine, Kayla, and I started to fall. When we finally got out of the muck, we were very dirty. Even the ones who didn’t slip were dirty. 
 After we went through the flood, we went down the ladders to the canyon. The canyon had steep cliffs, but we climbed it anyway. The scenery was astounding with green foliage and brown and gray cliffs.

By time we returned to the suspension bridge, we had walked many miles, and it had taken over two hours. But it was both challenging and fun. It was the best hiking experience I ever had.     

I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope to return to Turkey Run to hike again.

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