Sunday, October 25, 2015

Still Reading Proverbs

Another October of reading the book of Proverbs is almost behind us. Each year is a little different. This year we are all reading out of the same version and on kindles. The Bible was free which is how we chose which version to use :) We'll probably use kindles again next year, but read from a different version of the Bible.

Peanut butter and Proverbs
Proverbs day 23 Commit yourself to instruction listen carefully to words of knowledge.
What they are eating: Mom's Peanut butter Fix (If you don't eat sugar, don't even read this)
1c sugar 1c light corn syrup (light color, not calories!)
2c peanut butter 4c corn flakes or cheerios
Combine the sugar and syrup in a pan. Heat stirring constantly until it boils or your arm falls off. Boil one minute. Add the peanut butter, stirring constantly. When the peanut butter is blended, add the cereal. Gently stir into mixture. Remove from heat. Let sit one minute. Drop by spoonful onto the waxed paper or eat from the pan to save time.

This is not meant to have any nutritional value or be a healthy breakfast:)  It is simply a dessert that I decided to make at 5 a.m.

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