Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorated Jars

I got the idea to try to decorate glass jars. So I went out and randomly bought spray paint, craft paint and an assortment of mason jars. I also bought a few glass items from the dollar store. I've started saving glass jars and plan to go to the thrift store to see what they have.

We messed up several jars. We spray painted too heavy of coats, and the paint ran. I also realized that the glitter paint I was using was for porous surfaces only. That explains why the jars looked streaked after I finished.

I didn't care for the finished color on this one.
The streaks are because the glitter paint isn't for smooth surfaces.

I had so many jars painted, that I decided to decorate some to give to the guests as Jessica's baby shower, which was only one day away at that point! So I was painting until 1:00 a.m. the day of the shower and decorating moments before it began.

While doing the jars above, I discovered crackle. I love the finished look, but some color combinations look better than others.

If I hadn't started the day before the shower, I probably could have done a much better job with the bows, but I had to work with what was in the house.
The jars were filled with candy. 

I had a couple of jars in autumn colors. I didn't really care for the colors so decided to use crackle and put another color over it. That was worse! So I put yet another coat of crackle on and then let the twins put another color over it to make Thanksgiving presents for their teachers. 

I'm not sure what I think about this combination, but it does look Thanksgiving-ish. 
They did their own bows and filled the jars with Candy Corn M&Ms. They are white chocolate M&Ms and are orange, yellow and white.

Now we are on to Christmas crafts and gifts. I found paint that was just for glass and we did some amazing splatter paint jars. I'll show those soon.

We are less than a month from Christmas, so I want to put in a plug for two of my books that have a lot of fun activities and crafts for girls.
This is for girls 8-12. It has fun quizzes, crafts and activities. It's even more fun when it's done with a sister or friend.

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