Friday, November 13, 2015

Lots of Fun Projects

Usually when I'm working on crafts for a new book, my house has a certain look. It's that "Mom's working on a book" look. Well, I am working on a book, but it's a teen fiction book. No crafts. But my house still has "that look" because we are working on:

Thanksgiving crafts for teachers
Thanksgiving edible projects
Christmas crafts for teachers
Centerpiece/thank you gifts for the baby shower Sunday.

All of it is kind of spur of the moment. Maybe it's the feeling of the holidays in the air. Or maybe just a need to create. Whatever it is, we are starting to do a lot of experimenting.

Here's what it looks like in our (very small) dining room and kitchen right now.

Jessica working on a jar that will turn into Santa (we hope!)

Kayla mixing cupcakes that will become reindeer.

Then we decided to use the little jars and make jars of candy to give away for thank you's for her baby shower on Sunday.

Her colors are pink and lavender.

Enjoying the time with Jess.

We haven't quite figured out how to decorate them. I'm going to the dollar store/Walmart tomorrow to see if I can get some ribbon or flowers or baby trinkets.

All our projects spread out and drying.

Things to plant.

Stuff to experiment with holiday ideas.

And then there's this. I didn't know it was an inside plant. I was going to plant it outside. Erg.

Anyone have any ideas for crafts for teacher presents?

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