Monday, December 21, 2015

Easiest Reindeer Ever!

I have several more crafts to post before Christmas, but I'm running out of days. Here are the easiest reindeer ever to make. 

You only need Nutter Butter cookies, M&Ms or other candy, pretzels and frosting to use as glue, or you could use peanut butter to attach the candy and pretzels.

You could also make white eyes with frosting in a tube and black pupils with writing gel.

A Good Tradition:
One thing we've done every year for over 20 years is make a birthday cake for Jesus. 
The kids work in two teams--boys' team and girls team and make two cakes. Notice the difference in the cakes. The boys used white frosting and green sugar. The girls used food coloring to make green frosting.

Last year we did only one cake because only the three youngest were home. They chose a two colored "red velvet" cake.

This is a really easy way to remember the importance of Christmas.

One other easy tradition is to light a sparkler (or use a glow stick) and talk about how Jesus is the light of the world and how you can be a light to others. This is good for either Christmas or New Year's Eve.

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