Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gingerbread Houses and Graham Cracker Creations

We have several traditions that have changed over the years.

When the oldest four kids (Ty, Jessica, Jeff and Adam) were small we would give them a Christmas book on Thanksgiving Day. That way we had a month to read them before Christmas. A few years ago we dropped that tradition and we started doing Gingerbread houses instead. Some years we did trains or villages instead of houses.






Hunter and Jessica

 Tyler and Lisa, Hunter's mom
Zona Mae, Hunter's niece, Adam and Jasmine

Well, this year I decided to provide the kids with graham crackers, frosting and candy and see what they could do.

Everyone had their own ideas. Some worked out better than others. For instance, Jasmine and I had planned grand nativity scene which didn't work out because our stable kept falling over. So we simplified it.

 Not sure what Ty was making, but it collapsed, and he gave up on it.
 Leon and Adam had a pretty impressive inverted A going. It also collapsed,but not until they were done.

 This is Jasmine and my nativity. The stable is made of chocolate graham crackers. The white blobs are marshmallow sheep. But I guess they could be cows, donkeys etc. 

 Jessica didn't know what to make, so I suggested penguins because she wanted to use marshmallows. She got pretty elaborate with it, making an entire penguin enclosure.

We have a lot of graham crackers left, so we are going to do a village over Christmas break. I found some patterns online, but I'm not sure how you cut them without breaking them.

We'll see how these come out!

The best thing about graham cracker creations is that you can buy inexpensive supplies and put your imagination to work. (And you can eat your mistakes!) Give it a try and see what happens.

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