Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Splatter Painting--Keeping It Real

This has to be my favorite project so far. Both making the splatter painting projects and the finished project. But fair warning, if you looking for one of those blog managed by a super creative person whose crafts come out perfect and whose house is neat and tidy even in the midst of projects, this is not it! We keep it real. My kids and I love to do projects together but we end up with turkeys that look like penguins, paint on the floor and graham cracker structures that fall apart even before we finish them.

I've included some videos in this post. They are very brief so don't be afraid to click on them.
We had a variety of glass jars, a vase and a candy dish.
We use a box as a shield so we didn't splatter paint the whole kitchen.
Kaleb's jar for his teacher.

We started with the lightest color first--white. We went to the park and did a photo shoot, then came back and used green. After it dried we used red.

The jars drying after their last coat of paint.
 Here's the best way to do the jars (or at least what worked best for us!)
1. Wipe the jars with rubbing alcohol to get off oil from your hands or any dirt.
Excuse the mess in the background of our video--we had several projects going, plus were getting ready for our Thanksgiving meal.

2. Add a couple of drops of water to the paint (and stir) so it's a bit thinner. Use paint meant for glass. We used Folk Art Enamels that has a picture of a glass on the top
We discovered a better technique for splattering the paint. I didn't get Jessica doing her third color.

Jasmine doing her second color.
Jasmine doing her third color.

3. Start with the lightest color. Dip the brush, hold it in front of the jar and tap the brush with your other hand, that will make the paint splatter forward.
4. Let dry between coats.
5. Put on a cookie sheet and put in a cold oven. Heat to 350F. Bake 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and let it cool in the oven.
The jars ready to bake.

The jars after they were baked.
Things that can go wrong:
  • The paint misses the backdrop and hits the wall behind it.
  • The paint splatters before it hits the box and hits the counter and floor.
  • The splatters go everywhere.
  • The brush hits the jar leaving big blobs of paint.
  • You grab a wet jar smearing it. Well, you can always wash it off and start over up until you bake it!
You can use any kind of bow or ribbon to finish them. This jar is for my favorite children's librarian at the public library.
This one has a gift card attached for a friend of Jasmine's.
This one is for Kaleb's teacher.
I'm keeping this candy dish for us. I may go back to the dollar store and get a couple more for gifts.

Jessica hasn't decided what to do with her vase yet.

This is my favorite project so far. A bit messy to clean up. and my black Nikes have red,white and green dots (they are very Christmas-y), but the time spent together and the finished pieces are worth it.


Felicia said...

Very cool looking, and super brave for doing that in the house!

Kathy C. said...

Thankfully our kitchen is tiled. Maybe next time we should set up saw horses outside?

Lou said...

those are cute.