Tuesday, January 26, 2016

14 Days of Kindness

Remember back before Thanksgiving? Everyone was filled with holiday cheer. Facebook status feeds were filled with people posting one thing they were thankful for each day. But now the holidays are past. People have lost their holiday spirit. Instead they are discouraged by the weather. Or the after-the-holidays bills. Or health or family issues. No one is posting what they are thankful for now.

It's that way every year, and that's how our 14 days of kindness started. We don't do it every year, and some years it's only seven days but it's always the first week or two of February when the weather is bad and things are gray and gloomy.

Basically we pick a group of people such as janitors, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, Sunday school teachers etc., and we do something for them. For example, this year we are kicking it off on February 1st by making taco soup for the cafeteria workers at Kaleb's school. There is no cafeteria worker's appreciation day like there is for teachers, secretaries etc.  We will probably do something for Jasmine's and Kayla's on other days. 

The kids have been working on crafts in preparation for our 14 days.

I'll share the different crafts and acts of kindness we are doing for the 14 days when the time comes.

Why not join us? You don't have to do crafts or make anything grand, a simple handmade greeting card or act of kindness such as doing a chore for someone may be all it takes to brighten someone's day.

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