Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Owl Always Love You

The kids and I decided to make edible owls, but we weren't sure exactly how to do that. But since it's more about the experience than the finished product for us, it gave us lots of together time to experiment.
We started by making an from a cupcake. We used:

chocolate frosting


We frosted the cupcake with chocolate frosting. We made the ears from frosting too. We broke the Oreos open and stuck on brown M&Ms for eyes (we had to use a dab of frosting in a tube for "glue") and an orange M&M for a beak.

For the second owl we used:
graham crackers
Reeses cups
candy corn

Cut the ends off of two Reese cup for wings. The rest of the Reese cup becomes the owl. Since there are only two wings, one owl will have wings and one won't. 

Remove the Reese cup from the paper. If some of the chocolate pulls off like ours did, put the Reese cup in the refrigerator or freezer before removing the candy from the paper.

Place the Reese cups on graham crackers so they just hang off the bottom. Cut a large marshmallow in half for each owl. Place them above the Reese cup on the graham cracker.

Put the owls in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Press the Owls more firmly onto the crackers while the chocolate is soft. Press a candy corn between the marshmallows onto the chocolate for the beak.

To make these for Valentine's Day, just substitute pink candy for the nose and make a card that says, Owl Always Love You. Leave one at each person's place at the table.


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Jayden Collins said...

I like the owl ones.