Tuesday, February 09, 2016

What Color is Your Personality

If you want a book that is fun and will also help you learn more about yourself, The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book is it. It's a good book to do when you're alone and bored or the weather is keeping you inside, but it's even better if you can do it with a friend or sister.

Some of the quizzes I wrote for the  quiz book were cut because it was too long. Here's one of them.

Take the quiz and leave a message telling me what color you are. If you leave a message, your name will go into a drawing for this book. (Make sure it's okay with your parents to do this!)

Color Me a Rainbow

     The body is one unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:12,27

     God created everyone in his own image, but he made each of us unique. Some people are funny, others are serious.  Some are loud, others are shy. And just as our physical bodies need all of the parts to work as one, God's family (the body of Christ) needs all kinds of people to do his work.
     It would be a plain world if God had made us all the same. But just as different colors make up a rainbow, different personalities make up our world. If everything were the same color, it would get pretty boring. If people were all the same, things would get pretty boring too. What color best suits your personality? Take the quiz below and find out. Circle the answer that best describes you for each question.
1.      You are at the amusement park with a group of friends. You are trying to decide what ride to go on first. You suggest:
a.       The fastest roller coaster. You’re ready for a thrill.
b.      The log ride. You want all your friends to be together.
c.       The train. You want to start out easy.
d.      The tea cups. You know everyone will have fun on those.
2.      It’s lunchtime at the amusement park and no one can agree where to eat. You suggest:
a.       Everyone tries the new food booth that specializes in hot, spicy food.
b.      The food booth you know your best friend really wants to eat at.
c.       Everyone goes to the food booth of her choice and meets at a table.
d.      Hot dogs, fries, and cotton candy.
3.      You little brother is at home but he asked you to win him a stuffed animal at the amusement park arcade. It costs a dollar a try! You:
a.       Hand over a dollar. You know you can win it for him.
b.      Hand over as much as it takes so your brother won’t be disappointed.
c.       Give it one try. If you miss you can always get him something at the gift shop.
d.      Talk an athletic-looking boy standing there into winning it for you.
4.      There’s only time for one more ride. You say:
a.       It’s my turn to choose. You’ll all love this ride.
b.      I think you should choose because you haven’t chosen as many.
c.       Doesn’t matter to me.
d.      Let’s go on the most fun one.
5.      You stop at the gift shop on the way out and buy:
a.       A shirt that says, “I survived the Death Drop.”
b.      A shirt that says, “Best friends forever.”
c.       A shirt that says, “Whatever.”
d.      A shirt that has a large smiley face.
6.      In the car on the way home you:
a.       Talk about how much fun the thriller rides were.
b.      Talk about how glad you were all your friends could come.
c.       Listen to the others or sleep.
d.      Chatter about how much fun the whole day was.
7.      After your day out you feel:
a.       Full of energy
b.      Thoughtful
c.       Relaxed
d.      Happy
8.      When it comes to being with your friends, it’s important to you to:
a. Do something exciting, different, or daring.
b. Be loyal, compassionate, and understanding.
c. See that everyone gets along and does what they want.
d. Make sure that everyone has fun and is happy.
9.      When you get home from the park you’ll probably:
a.       Shoot baskets with your dad while you describe the rides to him.
b.      Write about your day and your feelings in your journal.
c.       Chill out, lay on the couch and watch a favorite movie.
d.      Phone one of your friends and plan the next fun outing.
10.  When you go places with your friends you are often the:
a.       Leader
b.      Comforter
c.       Peacekeeper
d.      Chatterbox

Count up how many you have of each letter. If you have mostly:
 A’s – Your color is red. You are energetic, bold, and confident. You are often the leader, and the one to try something new. You don’t mind taking a risk or facing a challenge. Those things leave you feeling energized. You often get your own way because you’re more assertive than some of your friends. And you seldom give in to peer pressure to do something wrong. In fact, you often turn it around and talk the others into doing something good and worthwhile. Let God guide your ways and you will develop into a strong, confident leader.
B’s – Your color is blue. You are loyal, compassionate, and thoughtful. You stand by your friends and think about what they want to do and what they need. You spend time reflecting on your day and writing in a journal about your feelings. You tend to feel things more strongly than your friends do. In fact, at times people tell you you’re too sensitive. But at the same time, those feelings also make you more aware of the needs around you. You care about those less fortunate than yourself. In the future God may use you to help some of those people as a teacher, missionary, or social worker.
C’s – Your color is pink. You are easy-going, patient, and a peacekeeper. Most things don’t get you stirred up or bothered. That’s why you hate it when your friends argue. You step in and try to get them to work it out. You don’t have many strong opinions about things so you seldom argue, although you do feel strongly about your faith. Sometimes people encourage you to get more involved in things and you do-as long as it’s something that’s important to you. That’s why you’ll choose a career where you can do something meaningful to help others.
D’s – Your color is yellow. You are cheerful, talkative, and friendly. Although your teachers call you a chatterbox, you add life to the classroom and to social events. Your happy nature is contagious and people like to be with you. You find it easy to talk to new people and people of all ages. You love to have fun, but you also know when you need to be serious about things. It’s easy for you to tell others about your faith in Jesus and to invite your classmates to church. And they usually go because they know that when they’re with you they’ll have a great time.

Just for fun!
Have several of your friends take this quiz. Once all of your know your color, try dressing all in that color. If you're blue, dress in blue from head to toe -- blue ribbon in your hair or blue hat, blue shirt, blue pants, blue shoes. Set the date for when you will all wear your colors.
What color did the results say you are? Do you agree? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

I am red. That is pretty true. I am the captain of my softball team and my mom tells me I am too bossy. I'm always ready to try a new challenge. Red is my favorite color so I am glad I am red.


Jasmine Rose said...

I am a combination of red and pink. I don't like the color pink, but the descriptions fit.

Felicia said...

Larissa is a combination of red and pink. Seems to fit her well. Michelle and Emma are going to do it tomorrow.

Kathy Cassel said...

Jasmine and Larissa came out the same!