Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Are You an Encourager?

 Are you an encourager?

 Do you say positive, kind things to make others want to try harder, do a better job, or try again? If so, you are an encourager! Take the quiz below to see how well you do as an encourager. 

Circle the letter that sounds most like the thing you would say.
     1. You get an A on your math test but your friend gets a D. You say to him:
          A.  I am just better at math than you are.
          B.  You should have studied harder.
          C. It was a hard test. Next time we’ll study together and you’ll do better.
     2.  Your friend finds out her parents are getting a divorce. You say to her:
            A.  A lot of kids have divorced parents. God loves them just the same.
            B.  That’s too bad. I like your parents.
            C.  I’m glad it’s not my parents.

     3.  Your friend trips in the lunch room and drops her tray of food. It splashes all over her shoes. You say:
            A. What a klutz! Look at that mess you made!
            B.  The macaroni and cheese was gross anyway.
            C.  That could happen to anyone. I’ll help you clean it up.

   4.  In gym class your friend is the last one to be chosen for a softball team and then he strikes out every time at bat. You say:
            A.  Softball sure isn’t your game!
            B.  No wonder you were the last one chosen. You can’t hit the ball.
            C. Learning to hit is tough. Let’s practice together this weekend and you’ll get the
            hang of it.
     5.  In Sunday school you notice the new kid can’t find any of the scripture references. You say:
            A.  You must not look up verses much. Don’t you know your books of the Bible?
            B.  I’ll help you learn the books of the Bible and that will make finding the verses
            easier. You’ll be as quick as the rest of us.
            C.  What kind of church did you go to before? They must not have used their
            Bibles very much.

Check yourself: 1C,  2A,  3C,  4C,  5B

     If you got all the answers right, you are doing a good job of encouraging those around you. If you didn’t get them all right, listen to the things you say to others this week. Try to replace negative comments with positive, encouraging ones.

In fact, why not go one step farther and write someone an encouraging note? 

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