Monday, June 20, 2016

Vacation and Memories

Nothing builds memories like activities where you work together. Like rafting--and tubing. Especially when you go over waterfalls, get landed on by another tuber, lose your tube and bounce face first down the rocky river bed on your face. We have a lot of "war" stories from both rafting and tubing.

Our two families together have 20 kids, but not all of them were there. Two of Felicia's grandchildren were there,

Joselyn and I don't look too sure about this.

Ty and Jasmine were in this raft. Kaleb and I were in the other. Rick and Kayla were on their way. My other adult children couldn't come this time. But we hope to do this again.

Now Jasmine and I are in Indiana. Jessica and River are on their way. Ty has to work, and Kayla leaves for TMI Wednesday.

Friday, June 17, 2016


I'm on the first part of a three part vacation. I have been in the Smokey Mountains for several days enjoying the scenery and time with my family and another family.

 This was amazing. Half the time we were sure we weren't going to make it in one piece, but we did. No one fell out! The scenery was great and the two teams worked together well. What an experience!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Raised Garden

We recently finished a project that many of us had a part in.
 I decided to make a raised garden. Because of the dogs, it had to be high enough they couldn't get into it.

In our city, people throw their junk curbside to be picked up. I was driving and saw a wooden structure in a trash pile. I told Rick and Ty about it. Next day I drove by it again and hoped it would still be there later when Rick got home from work and was going to get it.

But on my way home from my errand, I saw the trash truck at that pile. It lifted its claw and came down smack on top of the pile, and wood went splintering everywhere. My heart sank. I'd just lost what I was going to use to build the garden.

Or so I thought.

But then I turned onto our road and saw this:

Ty had seen the truck pass our house. He didn't have his van yet, so he grabbed the wagon and ran down the street and got the biggest part of the wood structure. He was definitely my hero that day.

So this became the base.

I bought a board for the top and cut it to 43" x  48".

We used a staple gun to attach black material that is actually to keep weeds from growing. For this project, we used it to cover the board.

Then we used screws to fasten the board to the frame. 

We bought boards for the garden sides. We waterproofed them before cutting them the right size.

Rick put on the corner brackets.

The walls are 10" high. 

Rick put lattice around the base for looks and to keep the dogs from getting under it. You can see that we've gathered more "junk" to make more gardens.

This one is done. We may try another one soon. What projects have you done lately?

Friday, June 03, 2016

More Pillows

Tyler received a new shirt while at Job Corps. The second time he wore it, a guy grabbed him by the shirt and ripped it across the neck and shoulder. There was no way to repair it. Unfortunately the boy didn't have to replace it.

Ty saved, it and today he made it into a pillow.

Jessica made a small pillow out of part of a pair of capris she and I shared.

It came out really cute.