Sunday, July 10, 2016

Working Life Experiences into Books

In the past, all of my books have been non fiction chapter books or devotion books. But this last year I've been working on writing teen fiction. In the last year I've also had many new experiences that will eventually find their way into stories either through character's hobbies or as part of the setting or story world.

Some of those experiences are:

certifying scuba (this was to understand a book character better)

hiking flooded trails

climbing a lighthouse

Taking community classes like photography, ukulele, and others

visiting NYC


Making things

playing beach volleyball on the sand and in the water

whitewater rafting

and tubing

So these are some of the adventures my future characters may be facing. At a recent book convention I discussed my first book with two editor who requested to read the whole manuscript. It's about a female freerunning who uses running to flee the memories of her past abuse. I don't freerun, but I think it's a cool sports.

In a book that's just in the planning process, I have twins who scuba dive. Now to create a character who whitewater rafts, hikes and plays the ukulele...


Deirdre Lockhart said...

You've had a fun year, lol. Love the flooded trails. Beautiful.

Kathy Cassel said...

Some of it has been crazy!