Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Old Friend, New Friend

     Friendships are important. After all, how much fun is playing Monopoly by yourself? And if you happen to get sent to the office, well, it's nice to have a friend with you then too. Old friends are great, but how well do you do when it comes to making new friends? Take the quiz below to find out.
     1.  Your teacher announces that you have a new student in your class. He's slumped down in his desk trying to avoid all the stares. You:
            a.  Decide to ask him over some time.
            b.  Raise your hand and volunteer to show him around.
            c.  Find out what kind of things he likes before you commit.
            d.  Ignore him and discuss weekend plans with your best friend.
     2.  You walk into the lunchroom and notice the same kid by himself again. You:
            a.  Plan to sit with him next week.
            b.  Join him. He might just be shy.
            c.  Ask around to see why he's alone before you invite him to join you.
            d.  Head to your usual table. You don’t want to miss anything.
     3.  A new girl visits your Sunday school class. You:
            a.  Hope she'll come again.
            b.  Ask her to sit with you and your friends.
            c.  Wait and see how the others treat her.
            d.  Sit by your best friend. She's saved a seat for you.
     4.  It's time to join a school club. You go to chess club but don't know anyone. You:
            a.  Sit alone and hope someone will sit by you.
            b.  Sit next to a friendly looking kid and introduce yourself.
            c.  Watch and see who the cool kids are before you make friends.
            d.  Go find another club where you know everyone.
     5.  Your teacher tells you to pair up for a science project. You know no one will ask
the kid sitting next to you. You:
            a.  Promise yourself you'll ask him next time.
            b. Ask him. Maybe you'll get to know him better and find out what you have lots
in common.
c.  Ask him. He's a super brain. You need a good grade.
d.  Pair off with your best friend. You always work together on projects.

How did you do? Count up how many you have of each letter.
Mostly A's  Better Late Than Never. You eventually reach out to the new kid or someone outside of your group. Improve your friendship skills by smiling and saying "hi" to the loner or new kid right away.
Mostly B's  Always Prepared. You make an effort to befriend those outside your usual group of friends. Good for you.
Mostly C's  It All Depends. You don't mind making friends once you know the other kid has "cool" status. Take the plunge and befriend him without waiting for him to prove himself.

Mostly D's. Stand by My Friend. It's good that you're a loyal friend, but it's okay to make new friends too. Ask someone to join your circle of friends at lunch or to shoot baskets on the weekend. 

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